How To Buy

How To Buy NFTs?

Buying any NFTs on our platform is simple and easy, to buy any NFTs you need to understand that there are several categories like arts, others digital items, once you decide what kind of digital item you are looking for and find the items you want to buy follow the simple step that is list down.

There are two ways the items are listed, one with fixed price, and another in auction.

The Process To Buy Any NFTs With Fix Price.

  • Find the item that you want to buy.

    Go to the “Explore” page, where you can see all the NFTs which are listed on our platform.

  • Click on the item that you want to buy.

    Once you find the item that you want to buy, click on it.

  • Click the Buy Now button and it will redirect to your wallet.

    To make the purchase you have to connect your wallet, or else you won’t be able to buy the item until you connect.

    If you don’t have a crypto wallet, then create one. There are lots of wallets available. We support “Metamask”, “Trust Wallet”.

  • Once the transaction is completed, the product will be transferred to you and the seller will receive the payment.

The Process To Buy Any NFTs Which Are On Auction.

In order to bid on items which are on auction you need to go to the “Explore” page, and sort it by “Live Auction”, then place your bid, and if you win the auction then you’ll be notified to make the payment, once done you’ll receive your NFT.